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This site features a science fiction novel entitled The I of the Storm: A Jopian Journey, involving creatures from a gas-giant planet called Jopitar.

It also describes (see in particular Appendix E) the dominant alien philosophy/religion, called ideobasism. I especially hope that you find this exposition to be thought-provoking.

The original motivation for the story (as discussed more fully in the novel preface) was in fact to showcase the ideobasic system, which I had developed as a young adult. After unsuccessfully trying to publish a nonfictional discourse on the subject, I decided to incorporate the philosophy into a work of fiction, in the form of an alien belief system. The associated story soon took on a life of its own.

You are welcome to read the content, and download a PDF version of the work.

Note that the novel is copyrighted, and is available for personal, non-commercial use only.


The main story is presented in chapters 0 through 19.

Chapter 0 - The reader is introduced to the character Ki Que-Na, a member of a tribe of soaring creatures known as reys,
                  as the tribe rides a storm aloft in the clouds of the gas-giant planet Jopitar.
Chapter 1 - Ki's father Na Ki-Sha is introduced, as he frets about the future.
Chapter 2 - Rey life in the clouds of Jopitar is depicted.
Chapter 3 - A disgruntled Na and dejected Ki break away from their tribe, then become separated in a great storm.
Chapter 4 - Ki learns to survive on her own in the clouds of Jopitar, until she finds a new tribe.
Chapter 5 - The floating thickets of Jopitar and their tentacled octo inhabitants are described,
                  as the octo student Nemo attends a lecture on the evolution of Jopian life.
Chapter 6 - Nemo cares for and learns to communicate with the injured Na, despite needling from his friend Rafu.
Chapter 7 - Ki and her new mate Yu initiate their own rey tribe, together with two other misfit couples.
Chapter 8 - Na, Nemo, and the octo diplomat Ulixis are transformed into conscious meton spacecraft,
                  then embark on a mysterious mission to planet Aerth.
Chapter 9 - The metons Na and Nemo discuss philosophy and religion,
                  as they journey with Ulixis through deep space toward the galactic core.
Chapter 10 - An aged Ki bids farewell to her thriving rey tribe, and returns to the great storm to face her death.
Chapter 11 - Nemo's former octo friends Rafu and Nikta, now elderly, reminisce about their lives together,
                    and consider transformation into synon bodies.
Chapter 12 - Nemo is killed during an encounter with alien forces in the outer galactic core.
Chapter 13 - The bizarre voidling life form is presented, as it maneuvers a network of black holes in the galactic core.
Chapter 14 - Na and Ulixis retreat from the galactic core,
                    then select planet Omen and star system Los as the site of a new colony.
Chapter 15 - The early years of the Omen/Los colony are chronicled.
Chapter 16 - The voidling mounts a massive attack against the entire Los planetary system.
Chapter 17 - Following a peace treaty with the voidling, Na and Ulixis plan an expedition to the distant galaxy G-3,
                    to establish a meton society there.
Chapter 18 - The rey Poy is offered a mysterious gift during a reality-two trance.
Chapter 19 - Alternate meton versions of Na and Nemo are revealed, on their own secret mission to galaxy G-3.
Chapter 20 - Na and Ulixis approach their destination galaxy, in the final chapter of The I of the Storm.

Appendices offer additional supportive material.
Appendix A - The atmosphere and internal structure of the gas-giant planet Jopitar are described.
Appendix B - An account of the evolution of Jopian life is presented, from the earliest living forms to the present time.
Appendix C - The nomadic soaring creatures known as reys are described, and their cyclic tribal life is depicted.
Appendix D - The 8-tentacled creatures known as octos are described,
                    and an account of their ancient civilization is presented.
Appendix E - An abridged account of Principles of Natural Philosophy,
                   one of the foundational works of octan philosophy by the ancient philosopher Fleegello, is presented.
        Part I - The basic principles of ideobasism are developed.
       Part II - An ideobasic interpretation of the universe is advanced.
      Part III - An ideobasic ethical philosophy is proposed.
Appendix F - The relation between physics and Fleegello's philosophical system is explored.
Appendix G - Common octan units of measurement are defined,
                    and conversions to equivalent units used on both Earth and Aerth are listed.
Appendix H - Characteristics of the planets in the Suolar and the Los star systems are tabulated.
Appendix I - The transformation of an entire moon into a conscious megon transport craft is detailed.

Several of the appendices include an addendum containing non-fictional commentary and references on selected topics.
Please note that references do not indicate endorsement of the material in this novel by the cited authors.

Modified public-domain images from a variety of sources are used to complement the text, and provide a visual sense of place.
These sources include NASA, ESO, and their affiliates. See the "Figure Captions & Credits" page for specific credits.
The use of the public domain images does not indicate endorsement of the material on this site by any of the source organizations or individuals.